New Avengers v1 #53

  • Me (after starting New Who): I would love to travel with the Doctor, imagine how much fun that would be!! :D
  • Me (after getting into Classic Who): Oh my god the Doctor is so great I just want to travel with him forever, imagine how amazing that would be aw ye
  • Me (after getting into the EU stuff): i I TAK e IT B aCK OH m Y DEAR lo ORD


cecil and carlos sitting in a tree


first comes love

then comes marriage

then comes a strange anthropomorphic blob of glowing goo that moved in one day while they were at work and refuses to leave so now it just sits in the middle of the living room and whines loudly whenever anyone switches the channel off of its terrible soap operas

cecil calls it steve. 

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"I do social work, focusing on young families. Basically I play and dance with babies."


"I do social work, focusing on young families. Basically I play and dance with babies."



dr who can be asexual and still fall in love why is this such a hard concept to grasp

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I feel like we’ve all known a girl in elementary school that was obsessed with horses

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I’m laughing so hard the balloons in my friends house for her party set off the motion sensor alarm and the police showed up and searched the house but no one was there. we drew the dumbest faces on the balloons just imagine walking into a house thinking there’s a robber and imagehello

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do u ever hear something so stupid that u just


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There are no such things as “opposite” genders, any more than a strawberry is the “opposite” as a plum. — Hanne Blank, Straight: The Surprisingly Short History of Heterosexuality (via insidethesnowglobe)

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Promo for Classic Who premiere on the Horror Channel in the USA on 4/18/14 (x)

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Eight/Rose: The Doctor and Rose like to teach their daughter about history by living there for short periods of time, no perception filters allowed. 

Follower Milestone Celebration.

Eight/Rose with kids requested by gallifreyanathearts.

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